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ADVEC Power Systems, Inc. (APS) is a technology development and manufacturing company that has developed a new paradigm in nuclear energy for direct applications to electrical power generation. Our mission is to develop and use our proprietary technology and expertise so that APS becomes the number one provider of fail-safe, low cost, compact, modular nuclear reactors for domestic, and international commercial markets.

ADVEC Power System's approach to the coming "nuclear renaissance" is the "Flow-Light" Reactor. This is a radically new approach that is a Hybrid of Nuclear and Solar Technologies. The "Flow-Light" system utilizes nuclear energy to efficiently produce light that is then transformed into electrical power. Our patented reactor systems are based on cutting edge technologies with innovative designs which provide an end-to-end solution for the new frontier of power generation, thereby producing abundant, safe, and inexpensive electricity. Inherent design features such as turbines, generators and cooling towers are not needed. Additionally, minimal fuel inventory requirements of a "Flow-Light" system dramatically increases safety, and reduces capital costs. Other commercial applications include providing power for water desalination plants and for heavy industry, such as steel and clean coal production. In addition, the "Flow-Light" design will drastically reduce manufacturing cost, on-site installation, and operation and maintenance costs.

ADVEC Power Systems patented technology is "green" and provides smart-grid compatible, Hybrid-Nuclear-Solar Power Plant technology that has several major advantages over conventional nuclear power and solar power plants including:

  • minimal nuclear waste;

  • the system is air cooled, has a fast turndown capability and is inherently safe: the nuclear reaction immediately ceases if anything is disrupted;

  • space is minimal: the system use neither costly turbines or generators; it also does not require extensive land areas for large arrays of solar panels;

  • refueling of APS reactors is fast and does not require system shutdown; thus requiring dramatically less fuel inventories on site.

ADVEC Power Systems has assembled a world-class multidisciplinary team of senior scientists, engineers and technicians to generate commercial systems for mass production.

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