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ADVEC Power Systems (APS) has developed a market transformational energy technology. This technology has the following attributes, which are beneficial for the near term and very long term. 

  • It has market potential in the $100's of billions

  • It is dramatically less expensive than conventional nuclear plants

  • It is "Green"

  • It is safe and the plants can be located near users

  • It is modular and compact (small footprint)

  • It is scalable from 100's of kW to 100's of MW

  • We have patented the technology

The APS power reactor systems are unique and are a "hybrid of nuclear and solar technologies". The technology allows us to efficiently convert nuclear energy into light and convert the light into electricity.The advantages are enormous. 

  • The system can be air cooled (no water needed)

  • No turbines or generators

  • No giant cooling towers

  • The system is fail-safe (no burn through)

  • Other applications include powering water desalination plants and mining operations

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