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ADVEC Power Systems, Inc., is a spin-off of ADVEC Corporation, an independent research, development, and scientific consulting company.

ADVEC Corporation, founded in 1988, is located in Los Alamos, New Mexico and comprises some of the most respected and well-known scientists in the United States. This group of scientists has been involved in various projects in New Mexico that have been central to the development of key defense technologies.

ADVEC was formed with the vision of developing advanced energy technologies for application in the private commercial sector. ADVEC has successfully completed contracts with the Department of Defense (SDIO and SPAWARS), Department of Energy (High Energy Physics Division), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Plasma Fusion Center), Spectra Physics Lasers, Inc., and The Boeing Company.

Initially, ADVEC provided the facilities, equipment, and staff that have developed the "Flow-Light" product that is referenced on this web-site. ADVEC Power Systems was spun off as a technology company whose focus is to provide fail-safe, low cost, compact, modular nuclear reactors, with proven technology for commercial, domestic and international markets.

The focus of APS markets, with the "Flow-Light" Reactor, are:

  • electrical power generation

  • water sterilization and desalination

  • remote power transmission

  • space propulsion

  • photochemical production

  • power for mining and heavy industry

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